We are a team of young experts in the automotive and startup industry.

Team roots are going back from the University days and the Formula Student project.

The scope of our work is including:

  • technical feasibility

  • powertrain concept

  • engineering and prototyping services

  • recruitment and building teams

  • market research and competitive analysis

Our work is recognized by Fil Rouge Capital and supported by Rimac Automobili. They are helping us to develop our first product and to expand the business.



Our Founder was Technical Lead on different battery design projects at Rimac Automobili and conducted a number of electrification feasibility projects.


Our members had a crucial role at the time of transitioning the Rimac Concept_One from a prototype to the first customer car.


We are developing a "Hybrid Kit", a product that is addressing the used car market with electrifying conventional gas-running cars into hybrids or plug-in hybrids.



Everything started with Formula Student projects in Zagreb and Rijeka/Croatia.


IGOR / Concept Engineer

Igor’s exceptional knowledge of mechanics, creative ideas and care for people makes him a perfect founder of this small team.

He is an inventor of the REEV Hybrid conversion kit and a key role in many of the projects.

Still, on his ideal day he will be driving an sporty classic on a country road and then wrapping up the rest of his work somewhere in the middle of nowhere swinging in a hammock.

KRISTINA / People & Culture

In addition to being very fond of the summer and sea, Kristina loves working with people and cares about their development, job satisfaction and happiness.

Recruitment is her home ground, therefore finding the people that fit the organizational culture is her expertise.

When it comes to researching and checking data it is hard to beat her persistence.

In her free time, she just loves to do a variety of decorations.

DEAN / Mechanical Engineer

Working on vehicle systems, Dean fulfills his passion for cars and creation.

When occasions in the real world limit creation of something, then, in his free time, drawing, 3D modeling, and animation come to play, where the only limitation to bring something to life is his imagination.

On sunny days, he loves being in nature, exploring new places, and visiting abandoned buildings.

ANDRO / Mechanical Engineer

Andro is the youngest engineer in our team. He is quite an ambitious and adventurous workaholic for his age!

He runs a local Formula Student project as a Team Leader at Riteh Racing Team. He loves engineering and sailing, developing some very complex designs on our projects and working as a skipper in the summertime.

Just ask him what are the most beautiful places on our seaside.

ZLATKO / Certification Specialist

Zlatko is an expert on vehicle systems and is constantly working to improve his knowledge and skills providing technical training, repairs and “ghost” solving in the cars.

His main expertise is in certification of the vehicles and their systems, as well as organization and processes in the automotive aftersales business.

He always finds some new roads to explore during the road trips across Europe and the Balkans - privately or for business.


My passion for automotive industry goes a long way. Since the early student days I’ve joined Formula Student team and have built my budget race car. From the year 2010 I’m in Rijeka managing a team of students in Riteh Racing Team and later moving up to a StartUP program.

My first employment is with Rimac Automobili back in 2014 where I started working as a Mechanical Engineer, then a Coordinator and later a Concept Engineer.

For the last 3 years I was working as the Concept Engineering Consultant in the automotive EV market and managing my small engineering team.

The automotive brands I have been working with for the last 6 years are listed underneath:

I continuously provide mentoring to students by developing their know-how and taking part in Formula Student as a Design Judge.

Now, I am set to make a large impact in the area of sustainable mobility!

More Information: igor@felc.co